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Putting the Blogs on Hiatus

Just wanted to let folks know I’m taking some much needed time away from these blogs to focus on a few upcoming commitments. Unlike before, I won’t close my blogs this time. They will stay up so folks can access what I’ve posted so far.

I view my time away from these blogs as more of a long-term hiatus. At the very least, it will be many months before I post again UNLESS I get info on pregnancy content in media for this blog. It would be more accurate to call this a leave of absence so…yeah.

…You guys can email me at in the meantime.


Utopia Cancelled; Sorry about the lack of new content

My understanding was Utopia was taking a few weeks off for the World Series run. At least originally. Then both Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef started airing in Utopia’s old slots. When I tried to use the Utopia App last month, it didn’t work. A quick Google search revealed the “reality” show was canned. The decision was made right after the planned bye week. The reason for the cancellation cited was low ratings though I’m sure there were other reasons. It doesn’t make ANY sense to invest $50 Million into this show only to cancel it not even mid-season.

My guess is there were some legal stuff that came up as well as concerns about how “sexual” the show was becoming for a primetime show. Most of the paid actors looked like models, after all. Utopia on the surface always seemed to lack any sort of real direction. While this was in fact the intent by design, it looks like this was the case behind the scenes as well and FOX had had enough. American Idol stars soon so…yeah.

Of course, Amanda gave birth in early December. The show was cancelled in early November. Everyone who was on the show current and formerly were given a nice payoff for their time according to a few sources. According to one source on the subject of Amanda’s pregnancy, there were concerns from FOX Execs around her possibly giving birth in Utopia. They didn’t think they’d get away with airing the birth even if it was pretaped and they hadn’t really talked to her about it before the show started airing.

I’m not saying Amanda’s pregnancy was one of the contributing factors for her leaving: We know from Red, David and Johnathan all leaving in succession if the powers that be want to get rid of you, they will. All three said in very candid interviews they were literally told “you’re gone this week.” by the Execs. The payoff for all three of them was mostly hush money XD


Now let’s get to the other subject I want to briefly touch on.

Unlike the last iteration of this blog, my postings have been far fewer and much more spread out. Much of this has to do with my no longer having reliable online sources for leads on upcoming movies, TV shows and etc. to bring to you. Another reason has to do with how busy I’ve been with work in general. I have a host of things I’ve promised and failed to follow through on for these two reasons. The pregnancy interest sites I frequented much of last year don’t cover pregnancy in media so…yeah.

Scouring every month produces mixed results. Sometimes you find an indie film or episode with pregnancy and other times it’s either mentioned or they play hide the pregnancy. Another thing that’s been hard to deal with is movies being announced and either not ever getting released or only getting released in certain regions.

What we need is a dedicated site for this kind of thing. The Belly Zone was supposed to be that site but like me and this blog, Stormr hasn’t updated in a couple months now. I’m now going to say something I know some folks will find what I’m about to say very hard to believe but I’m going to start reaching out to people I’ve butted heads with in the past. I’m not going to say who here but I will start talking to the people I have in mind sometime this weekend.

I’m tired of waiting around in ignorance. it’s time to be proactive.

Utopia Watch – Amanda is 6 months Pregnant


I will try to provide an update on this reality TV Show on a weekly basis. Go here for her first bare belly scene on the show from last week.

…Sorry, but I couldn’t get a more clear picture of her. The screencap came from the show’s website. While doing a Google search I did find pre-pregnancy pictures of Amanda and I can tell you she the belly weight is all from the baby. There was also confirmation on Tuesday’s episode that she is in fact pregnant. There were skeptics who assumed off the bat her pregnancy was being faked for ratings or because she was “overweight”. While FOX owed it to no one to air the scene with Amanda getting her belly sonogramed on Tuesday, the fetal heartbeat confirmed she’s got a bun in the oven.

As a reminder she’s due in December. Friday’s episode just finished airing and someone’s going to be sent home. The who will be revealed on Tuesday but based on the preview trailer, Brie is definately going leave Utopia. Weather she’s voted out or leaves of her own accord like the last two people who left (Dave and Johnathan) is unknown but I would make a call to the Pregnancy Community to do what it can to keep Amanada on Utopia at least until she’s due to give birth.

While the illusion is given that the public decides, we all know the network has the final say regardless of how many votes a contenstant gets. Fox maintains a level of “creative control”. Why else do you think the majority or the Utopia cast look like models and porn stars? The only reason I’m watching the show is for Amanda. Once she leaves, I stop watching until another pregnant contestant joins the show.


Review: Thew40’s CiroSaga (Paperback)

Below is the review as I wrote it on just now:

Known on the website DeviantArt as Thew40, Kevin Woodside has been working on CiroSaga for almost a decade if not longer. To be honest, I regret not paying attention to what’s become his life’s work until very recently. I know Woodside and his family through his work on Deviant Art and consider him a good friend through our communications over the years. The publication of CiroSaga is the end result of many years of hard work, heartache and triumph. When I say CiroSaga is The Woodside Family’s life work, I mean that both literally and figuratively.

Now let’s talk about the book itself.

I was a surprised when I opened the book to find a third party did the back and front cover, mostly because Woodside’s style of artwork is very similar to the artist he commissioned to do the book’s cover. The front cover shows a closeup of the arms and torso of Ronson The Mighty, one of the story’s two protagonists. The back cover shows Layla Conner, the story’s heroine being overshadowed by Visthiss, one of the big-bads in the story. In case you’re wondering yes, Layla is pregnant.

Book One: Hunted Chronicles Ronson and Layla’s travels across the war-torn Ciro after Layla’s is brought from Earth using powerful magic. Moments before she was transported to Ciro, she discovers she’s pregnant. To complicate matters, the magic that brought her to Ciro altered the length of her pregnancy (though she and the baby are not effected, apparently), making it either longer or shorter (Woodside deliberately doesn’t say in the story). Her pregnancy reaches 24 weeks and stays there for prettymuch the whole story. If not for the frequent references to this detail, you’d either forget she was pregnant or expect things to be set for her to give birth in the untamed wild as Layla fears.

As the subtitle suggests, Ronson and Layla are being hunted by agents of The Ten Fists, the new world order that has embroiled Ciro in chaos, violence and despair. Layla and Ronson travel Ciro alone for nearly all of the first third and most of the second third of the story but they are joined by others on the mission to safeguard Layla, who may very well be Ciro’s last hope: The Troll Blorp, The Woodsman and Artis, who is hexed mid-story and transformed from a man into a woman.

The story ends with Ronson, Layla and company arriving in Circle Crossing, the last free city of the fallen kingdom of Cartarnos. The plot twist at the very end of the story was predictable for me given things were being set up for Book 2: The Wizard King early on. Almost none of the issues and mysteries revealed in Book One are resolved fully and instead point to events yet to come. For me, it gives me something to look forward to when Book Two is released sometime next year!

I do want to take a moment to say the story is riddled with grammar errros from beginning to end. I spoke to Woodside about it privately and the book will be revised. Even though this might be considered a deal breaker for those looking to buy it and even though I consider the author a good friend, I feel inclined to mention this as a fair warning. Even with the obvious grammar mistakes, the book is a solid read. If Woodside decides to write a new book in the series once or twice a year, I think Ciro Saga will finally get the fan following it deserves while at the same time become very profitable for the Woodside Family. I’m aware it had a following on its early days of Deviant Art but almost a month after being published, I’m apparently the first person who’s actually read the book.

I know this review is getting super long so I’ll wrap up by saying if you are a fan of Woodside’s work on Deviant Art, you owe it to yourself to support him and buy this book. It certainly doesn’t hurt it’s a pretty good read as well.

…The “third party” I referenced in the second paragraph is Olympic Dames. He credits her by name in the book in case you’re wondering.


I left this detail out of the product review but Layla’s pregnancy is the a key part of the story’s plot. At first you’re led to believe it’s the baby but after a surprising revelation, the baby itself is less relevant to Layla being on Ciro. While the story obviously wasn’t written with Meisophilliacs in mind, it appeals to that audience. Her pregnancy is prettymuch frozen going into Book 2. The main reason I decided to buy a physical copy of CiroSaga was because I wanted to read it first, I felt bad about not paying attention to the series when it was on DA second and unlike much of the shit people put on Amazon digitally, it’s definitely not erotica.

I gave Book One 5 stars on Amazon and was the first person to leave a reviiew. Give Woodside some love and buy a legal copy ^_^





Utopia Contestant Amanda reveals she’s pregnant

During the 2-hour series premiere of the new FOX reality show tonight, she revealed she is pregnant. She said she’s due “between November and December” and even though the network is presenting this show in real-time ala Big Brother and The Truman Show, she’d be 6 months pregnant about now. By real-time I mean a live 24/7 feed for 365 days. With at least 200 cameras on the compound (the network says 130) there is no privacy so…yeah. She didn’t look pregnant in the premiere which means one of two things: Either the episodes being airedright now  are not in real time (this is most likely what it is) or they’re trying to figure out how to deal with her pregnancy.


I assume it’s a bit of both. By “they” I mean the network producers. FOX apparently invested $50 Million into Utopia so…yeah. Considering they kept her on knowing she’s pregnant, I’m interested in seeing how they handle the birth and that’s assuming she’s still on the show at that time. For ethical reasons there are a few routes they could take, all of which she presumably agreed to:

  1. The network manipulates fan votes to bring an obsetrician to Utopia.
  2. One of the vistors introduced is a doctor, obsetrician or midwife (what I think they’ll do personally).
  3. Amanda gets voted out of Utopia before giving birth (it’s a possability).
  4. An unexpected complication with the pregnancy/birth forces her to leave Utopia.


I’m not expecting much personally but the show’s premise is interesting. If you’d like to see it for yourself, the show will air Tuesdays and Fridays on FOX. You can also watch the Live Cams either on the website or by downloading the App.




Review: Devil’s Due

I bought the movie over the weekend. It’s a combination of Born, The Exorcist and a bit of Rosemary’s Baby sprinkled on top. The bare belly scene in the trailer is the only noteworthy one in the whole movie. The problem with this movie is it’s obvious all of the elements were taken from somewhere else. The only difference is this one kinda leaves the door open for a sequel with the way it begins and ends.

That said, the plot is basically this: A couple honeymooning in the Dominican Republic are lured in by cultists and the wife is impregnated with a the anticrist. The movie plays out what happens to her. If you’ve at least seen Born, you won’t see anything new. The mother is even possessed by her baby periodically throughout the movie only in this possessed preggo mama flick she’s easily more powerful than Mary Elizibeth was when she in Born. There is also no effort at making it a comedy. The storytelling could have been good but there was too much focus on teasing things. I also found the “documentary cam” they went with annoying as the camera is in a fixed position for the entire movie.

Overall I give the movie a 6/10 and the belly content a 3/10. It was definitely lacking there. Trailers are for teasing. The full movie should have had a lot more to show for it. Oh, well. It is what it is. In terms of rent or buy, I say buy. Why? Because of the deleted scenes they cut from the final product. They do a much better job explaining things than what was left in the movie.

Season Premeire Review: Playing House


I bought a season pass from iTunes to make sure I don’t miss an episode. The first two episodes–Pilot and Bird Bones–ran back to back so I prettymuch got 40 minutes (no ads WOOT!) to start with.

Before I give the recap, here’s an overview of the TV series courtesy of IMDB:

Childhood best friends Maggie Caruso (Lennon Parham, “Best Friends Forever”) and Emma Crawford (Jessica St. Clair, “Best Friends Forever”) have shared countless adventures growing up together in the charming town of Pinebrook, CT. Now, Maggie and Emma are in store for one of their biggest adventures-raising a baby. When Maggie discovers that her husband is having an online affair with a muscular German woman, Emma gives up her burgeoning business career in China to stay in their hometown and help Maggie raise her baby. Meanwhile, as Maggie prepares for the birth of her first child and the fallout of her marriage ending, Emma must confront the past that she abruptly left behind thirteen years ago — her first love and local cop Mark Rodriguez (played by Keegan Michael Kay of Mad TV fame), her prim-and-proper mother and a small town that she’s never felt comfortable in. Despite their differences – Emma is brash, bold, and assertive while Maggie is grounded, rational, and safe – the women complement each other the way only best friends can.


The pilot opens with Emma returning to her hometown from China for Maggie’s baby shower. During Emma’s presentation at the baby shower Maggie finds out her husband has been having an online affair with a woman in Germany. The same night, a lapse in judgement forces Emma to chose between being there for Maggie or her career. Obviously she choses Maggie it this wouldn’t have had an Episode 2. Emma declares she will move in with Maggie and help her take care of the baby.

Speaking of Episode 2 (Bird Bones), you get a glimpse into the ladies’ shared past with the introduction Mark’s wife Tina. Tina, who suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta (more commonly known as Brittle Bone Disease) was the subject of the ladies’ teasing when they were in high school. Emma and Maggie end up spending the day with Tina while Mark deals with a wierd case involving garden gnomes. Know that scene in the trailer where Maggie randomly kicks in a door? It happens in this episode after Emma accidently spills the beans about how mean they were to her in high school. Tina locks herself in the master bedroom. While Emma is on the phone with Mark, Maggie is trying to get the door open. Tired of waiting around, she kicks the door in. As for the bath robes, the ladies were messing around in the bathroom and accidently tripped the shower.


So far I give the show a 7/10, which is respectible. It’s prettymuch hit or miss with the jokes. Luckily this wasn’t taped in front of a studio audience (“Applause”, “AWW!”, “Laugh”, etc.) or it would’ve gotten real annoying real quick. The hilarious misunderstanding at the end of the Pilot episode will likely be explored to death in fanfiction as FemSlash just like another fandom I know wih two female leads.

Keegan is a treat to watch on the small screen though I’m sure many of you know him from the horror movie spoofs he’s co-starred in. I think I said this in my other blog post but the belly on Maggie is fake. Lennon actually had children and though they made her look younger for the show, I think her body was a good fit for the role. It’s said you can tell if a woman’s had kids just by looking at her breasts. Not that I’d know but in her case, they fit well with the fake belly she wears. It looks natural even though I know she isn’t actually pregnant. Unless the fake belly is a prosthetic (which costs a bit more than wbat’s usually used for women playing pregnant characters) they’ll probably use a body double for bare belly scenes (though it looks like it is a prosthetic to me).

According to IMDB the first season will have 10 Episodes. That can mean anything from their wanting to see how Season 1 does before filming Season 2 to filming Season 2 while Season 1 is airing. My guess is Maggie will give birth by the end of Season 1 and if not, early Season 2. The track record for a pregnant character with live actors being pregnant for too long (unless the actress is really pregnant) isn’t that long. There’s also the possability Emma or Tina might get pregnant at some point and if the writers know what they’re doing, they could make it work.

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